water-treatment-plant-spares-250x250Leading Service Provider and Trader of Water Treatment Plant Spares such as Dosing Pump, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Diffusers, Bio Pac Media and Tube Settler Media from Chennai.

Tubular Diffuser

diffusers-250x250We are a Leading Manufacturers, Suppliers & Service providers of Bubble Diffusers. The Diffuser is manufactured using high Grade EPDM rubber, Silicon and EPDM with PTFE coated with rows of perpendicular perforations “I” slits expand to produce fine bubbles then contracts immediately itself when air supply is stopped thus prevent tearing. The diffuser is a fine bubble aerator that has all the advantages of a higher oxygen transfer efficiency and trouble free operation with low maintenance and ease of installation.

Our Ranges of Products are

1) 63mm dia x 600mm length Tubular Diffuser
2) 63mm dia x 1000mm length Tubular Diffuser
3) 90mm dia x 1000mm length Tubular Diffuser
4) 3″ inch Disc Diffuser
5) 6″ Inch Disc Diffuser
6) 9″ Disc Diffuser
7) 12″ Disc Diffuser

Dosing Pump

dosing-pump-250x250We are a Leading Manufacturers, Suppliers & Service providers of Dosing Pump. We are manufacturing dosing pumps with different capacities from 0 to 200 LPH. Our dosing pumps are used mainly water treatment field to dose chemicals like HCL, NaoH, Antiscalents, Antioxidant, pH Adjustment chemical, Hypo, Fecl3, Alum, Lime, PAC, Poly Electrolyte etc.

Bio Pac Media

bio-pac-media-250x250We are one of the trusted manufactures, traders and suppliers of black coloredBio Pac Media that is fluidized bio media, which comes in cylindrical structure with external fins. With 16 mm height, 25 mm diameter and 1.9gm weight, the offered spare parts are easy to install in water treatment plants. Due to the ruggedness and supreme corrosion resistance, the series is widely sought after.


  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Accurate dimensions
  • Longer service life


Effective specific surface area of media 250 m2/m3
Colour Black
Media height 16 mm
Media diameter 25 mm
Media weight 1. 9gm/piece
No. Of pieces 55000
Type of media Fluidized bio media
Moc of media Virgin pp uv stabilized
Structure Cylindrical with external fins
PSA/TSA ratio (%) 75
Specific weight (kg/m2) surface area 0.37
Specific gravity 0. 90 – 0. 95 gms/cm3
Max continuous operating temperature 80 c
Voidage > 98%
Density (gm/cc) 0.93
Media fill rate range, % fill of v 25 – 55

Tube Settler Media


We are a leading manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler of Tube Settler Media. Widely demanded for water treatment plants, this media provides high flow rates, with a large settling surface area within the specified volume. Having chevron shaped self-supporting structure in a tubular form with six sides; the offered media is also used as primary and secondary clarifier in wastewater treatment.


  • Increase capacity of clarifier
  • Enhance particle agglomeration and growth
  • Enhanced suspended solid concentration


  • Plain Settling Area of Media : 60o Slope – 11.0 m2/m3, 55o Slope – 13.0 m2/m3
  • Cross Sectional Area : 120 mm x 44 mm
  • Shape : Hexagonal Chevron
  • Hydraulic Radius: 1.5 cm
  • MOC of Media: PVC
  • Thickness: 1.1 mm (+/- 0.1 mm)
  • Filling Arrangement: Tongue & Groove
  • Maximum Cont. Op. Temp: 55oC
  • Color:B lack
  • Distance Between Tubes : Horizontal – 120 mm & Vertical – 44 mm
  • Separator Height: 500 mm – 5.5 m2 Settling Area / m2, 750 mm – 8.25 m2 Settling Area / m2, 1000 mm – 11.0 m2 Settling Area / m2

Filter Press Cloth


Geo Enviro Solution is manufacturer and exporter of  Filter Press Cloth, we have been able to bring quality-approved Filter Press Cloth. These  Filter Press Cloth are fabricate by making use of the optimum quality raw material, obtained from the genuine and trusted vendor in the market. These  Filter Press Cloth are manufactured using Non Woven and Woven Filter media. Our  Filter Press Cloth is highly appreciated in industries like beverages, chemicals, food and many other.

Features of  Filter Press Cloth:

Ø  Leak proof

Ø  High performance

Ø  High linkage

Ø  Long lasting durability

Ø  Chemical resistive

Food & Beverages Industry
Pesticides & Agro Chemicals Plants
Fertilizer Plants
Steels & Alloys Industries
Effluent & Suez Treatment Plants (ETP & STP)
Ceramic Industries

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