Medical / Industrial Waste Incinerator

Medical / Industrial Waste Incinerator

Medical Waste Incinerator

Environmentally safe, compact, portable, and easy to operate, MediBurn is a diesel-fueled medical waste incinerator for hospitals and clinics. Available in two sizes, the original MediBurn is capable of disposing of up to 8 cubic feet (0.22 cubic meters) batch-loads of infectious and pathological waste with a burn rate of 18 to 20 kg per hour. MediBurn 30 offers 1/3 more capacity than the original MediBurn, disposing up to 10.5 cubic feet (0.30 cubic meters) of waste with a burn rate of 30 kg per hour. Both now offer modulating burners and under-air technology providing up to 50% more in fuel savings than the original model. They also offer electronic controls for improved safety and system control. Multi-language support is available.

Our incinerates everything from laboratory waste to animal remains with clean emissions. The incinerators’ small footprint makes it easy to fit in facilities with limited space. Its portability and simple installation offers the flexibility for relocation. MediBurn is easy to operate and requires minimal training.

  • Minimal training
  • Quick setup & ready to use upon delivery
  • Easy to operate with state-of-the-art controls
  • Requires only power supply connection and diesel fuel
  • Automatic pre-set cycle control for efficient fuel consumption
  • Thermostatic temperature control for efficient fuel consumption
  • Dual chamber combustion and high exhaust temperatures in excess of 1000°C (1832°F)


Cyclone / Multi Cyclon Seperators

Cyclone / Multi Cyclon Seperators

We “Geo Enviro Solution” is a leading manufacturer / Supplier of Cyclone / Multi Cyclone Seperators. The multi-cyclone separator is a simplistic separator for dedusting and demisting services targeting applications with slight fouling characteristics at high gas densities. It has the ability to eliminate sand particles and to remove liquid droplets. The parallel cyclone tubes are arranged between a top and a bottom plate and this inlet compartment is completely separated from the top and bottom compartment of the vessel.

Performance data

The removal efficiency varies with the operating conditions and the geometrical shape of the cyclones

The typical removal efficieny is

5-40µm for solid particulates and

8-20µm for liquid droplets

Pressure loss depends on gas density, the selection of cyclone geometry and area ratios. It provides pressure loss data from feed to the gas exit nozzle.


Sanitary Napkin / Diaper Incinerator

Sanitary Napkin / Diaper Incinerator

We “Geo Enviro Solution” is a manufacturer & Supplier of Sanitary Napkin Incinerator. All over the world, the disposal of the used Sanitary Napkins has been a very common problem.  Especially in India the used napkins are thrown to bathroom dustbins as it leads to embarrassing visuals and smells and the used napkins are Flushed into the Drain. Both the above methods of disposing Sanitary Napkins create problems. The Flushing in Drain results Clogging in Drain. The Drainage Line Chock-ups or Plumbing Line Blocking Problems occurs and throwing in Dustbins results Health related Problems due to hazardous contents in the used Sanitary napkins.

Keeping in mind we are keen to manufacture the machinery that is used to protect the environment. Our Sanitary Napkin Incinerators are used to resolve this problem. Our napkin destroyers are very useful to destroy napkin waste in a very scientific and hygienic way.

It is the best solution for sanitary napkin disposing needs here the used napkins is converted into a sterile ash. It helps to destroy used napkins in a scientific and hygienic way so, it is  very suitable for all ladies toilets to get an pollution free hygienic environment.

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