Quality Assurance
Geo Enviro Solution is committed to the highest quality and detailed reporting in all phases of our Drinking water,waste water, stp , etp , pool and environmental testing, monitoring and analytical testing services.

We perform tests on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, aluminum, copper, nickel & zinc base alloys, bitumen and its products, rubber materials, plastics, paint, grease, oil, water, waste water, effluent, air, noise pollution samples. Furthermore, we also provide identification of polymer in rubber & plastic materials, characterization of physical properties such as tensile, elongation, flexural strength, aging properties, environment heat cycle, flammability and low temperature tests.

To assure technical proficiency, our Quality Assurance (QA) manager reports directly to laboratory management to ensure that corrective measures are acted upon immediately and appropriately documented.

Our QA program will help you meet regulatory and legal standards.
As an example, in water testing services, Geo enviro solution works with clients seeking compliance with federal and state water laws including:

  • Water Management Act

Man Power :

  • Our team comprises Dedicated, Highly Professional and experienced personal like Doctorates, Post Graduates, Engineers, diploma holders and others.

System :

  • All the activities are effectively controlled and monitored by soft ware right from registration of samples up to the test certification to provide good quality and timely services to our esteemed customer like you
  • We request you for an opportunity to us to provide our best possible services to you

Environmental Monitoring
In Environmental studies Geo Enviro Solution offer services to all types of industries for :

  • Ambient Air Quality Survey
  • In-plant Air Quality Survey
  • Stack Emission from Stationary Sources
  • Noise level measurement
  • Chemical analysis of water, wastewater, effluent, sewage, swimming pool water, cooling tower water, boiler feed water, food processed water, reagent grade water, construction water, Potable water (Domestic water – IS 10500, Packaged Drinking water – IS 14543, Natural Mineral water IS 13428), Soil, Solid waste and Sludge & Sediments.
  • Fugitive Emission
  • VOC Monitoring
  • Metrological data monitoring
  • Noise Level Measurements

Environmental Testing

  • Water & Waste Water Analysis
  • Sludge Analysis
  • Leachate Analysis
  • Hazardous waste Analysis
  • Soils Analysis
  • Used and waste Oil
  • Potable water, packaged drinking water and natural mineral water as per European/WHO/Indian standards.
  • Containers, films and pouches for packaged drinking water
  • Indoor Air Quality Analyses:

GEO ENVIRO SOLUTION IS  Testing with Analytical Methodology

Analyze Method Method Type
Acidity 2310 B Titration
Alkalinity 2320 B Titration
Enterococcus 1600 Membrane filtration
Heterotrophic Plate Count 9215 B Pour Plate Method
Colilert 9223B Presence/Absence
Total Coliform 9222 B Membrane filtration
Fecal Coliform 9222 D Membrane filtration
Total Coliform MPN 9221 B Multiple fermentation
Fecal Coliform MPN 9221 E Multiple fermentation
Fecal Coliform salt water 9213 D Membrane filtration
Pseudomonas 9213 E Membrane filtration
BOD-5 day 5210 B DO meter
Spec. Conductance 120.1 Wheatstone Bridge
COD Hach Meth 8000 Closed Reflux (Col)
Color 2120 B Visual comparison
Chloride 300.0 Ion Chromatography
Chlorine 4500-Cl G DPD Colormetric
Free CO2 4500-CO2 B Calculation
Dissolved Oxygen 4000-O C DO meter
Fluoride 300.0 Ion Chromatography
MBAs 5540 C Methylene Blue
Metals 200.7 ICP
Hardness 3120B Calculation
Calcium 200.7 ICP
Copper 200.7 ICP
Iron 200.7 ICP
Lead 200.7 ICP
Magnesium 200.7 ICP
Maganese 200.7 ICP
Potassium 200.7 ICP
Sodium 200.7 ICP
Zinc 200.7 ICP


Ammonia-N 350.2 Titration
Nitrate-N 300.0 Ion chromatography
Nitrite-N 300.0 Ion Chromatography
TKN (Organic N) 351.3 Titrimetric
Total Nitrogen 4500-N/10071 Hach calculation
Oil & Grease 1664 Gravimetric
Odor 2150 B Threshold Test
Total Phos (P) 4500-P Amino Acid
Ortho Phos (P) 4500-P Amino Acid
Ortho Phos (P) 300.0 Ion chromatography
pH 150.1/4500-H-B Meter
Salinity 2520 C Density



Suspended Solids 2540 D 103-105 ° C
Total Solids 2540 B 103-105 ° C
Dissolved Solids 2540 C 180 ° C
Volatile Solids 2540 E 500 ° C
Settleable solids 2540 F Imhoff Cone
Solids-Solid or Semisolids 2540 G 103-105
Sulfide 4500-S 2- D Methylene Blue
Sulfate 300.0 Ion Chromatography
Turbidity 2130 B Nephlometric
Tannins 5550 B Colorimetric
TOC 10129 Persulfate Digestion
Hydrogen Peroxide NA Titration

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